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Yoga off the Mat

Practicing yoga off the mat…lessons from my daily commute into work.

One day as I was walking into work on a cold, foggy morning with purse in my left hand and an uncapped coffee and bag in my right, my walking kept jiggling my hand causing coffee to spill on my glove. After three more spills, I asked myself “Why do I carry coffee like this?” Instead of arguing with myself, I decided to meet this challenge and began walking with a steadier gait while paying attention to my hand on the cup. I eventually made it to my office with coffee still in the cup and not on my glove. I realized this was an important teaching moment, which was the importance of steadiness and focus even in the midst of chaos—as mundane and little as this was.  I practice yoga and meditation regularly and am continually taught by my teacher the importance of practicing yoga off the mat. 

Yoga, the sister science of Ayurveda, translates to harmony or the union of the mind with the body.  Yoga brings the mind into focus through asanas (poses), pranayama (breath) and meditation either on the mat or off the mat.  Moving the practice of yoga into one’s daily life even for a few minutes will maintain mind balance and prevent prajna paradha or “crime of the intellect”, which is one of the three causes of disease according to Ayurveda.  Here’s to you and yoga!!

Blessings, Dr. Paula




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