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January, February 

In Ayurveda, we pay attention to what we digest and not just what we put in our mouths.  Digestion occurs through all the sense organs:  eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. 

During the month of January and as a New Year’s practice, take time and pay attention to words that you read, hear and speak.  Words matter and carry different vibrational energies—some very negative like “shame” or “hate” and others very positive like “love”, “thank you”, “peace” and “om”.  Try to use more phrases like:  “I love you”; “Please forgive me”; “I’m sorry”; and “Thank you” and see how these phrases change the way you feel inside and how they affect those around you.


When moving towards healthier life goals, Ayurvedic principles emphasize that baby steps are essential  for the body and mind to adapt “appropriately” to new foods, life habits (e.g., exercise/yoga) and mind 

habits (e.g., meditation/pranayama) while letting go “appropriately” of old habits. 

According to  Ayurveda, making these changes too quickly cause harm to the body and mind.  So, give yourself a  break, put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door of old habits and into a  door of bountiful health in both mind, body and spirit.  Let me walk with you on this journey with a consultation.  I’d love to see where your baby steps have taken you!


Spring is the time for cleansing both the inner and the outer house. Ayurvedic principles stress the importance of keeping both houses neat and tidy to maintain good energy flow.

Start small and take a drawer, a closet or one room and make that the focus of your cleaning. You can invite new energy into that room just by picking up, dusting, wiping down shelves, cabinets, and drawers and discarding or donating unnecessary items.

The same holds true with body cleansing using triphala or kitchari. It rids the body of toxins accumulated during the winter decongesting and permitting energy flow through the body to maintain good health. Finish with a fine spritz with lemon, lime, or wild orange essential oil sprays.


The only constant in life is change.


If you’ve heard that statement, it’s easier said than done.  With the full moon, Easter and Passover all converging around the same time, some of you may have felt anxious, uneasy or a need to make big changes in your lives. The important lesson to be learned was to sit quietly without distraction. There is such an importance to sitting still and listening to your thoughts with a clear mind. Our society keeps us moving in all directions.  Listen to what is being told to you and move forward and enjoy the secrets that life unfolds to you.


Buenos Días,
As I sit here on my last full day of a beautiful vacation in Mexico watching the sun rise, I can’t help but think about the importance of living life well.  What does that mean? 

Everyone may have a different perspective on what that means but Ayurvedic and Yogic principles are pretty clear.  “Avidyā” is a term that describes how one remains in a state ignorance or unknowing, which is through fear, refusal/rejection, ego and attachment.  Moving towards vidyā or “knowing” helps us move closer to this goal. 

So, go out today fearless, open-hearted, without grudges and try to learn something new!

July, August

I just returned from a one-week long intensive 50 hour marma training certification and learned the art of marma chikitsa, which is the precise art of light touch or accupressure at high energy “pranic” centers in 
the body  (117 in all) called marma points. Many of these points share close proximity to acupuncture points. 

If any one has taken a yoga class, you may have heard your instructor talk about prana.  Most people confuse prana with air but actually prana is the energy carried on air.  In marma chikitsa, I will work with your marmani to remove blockage or increase energy in these centers to balance the flow of prana bringing vitality to the body and mind. 

In months to come, I will be offering this service at Ease incorporating accupressure with special Ayurvedic essential oil blends (to balance Vata, Pitta or Kapha) and vibrational energy by use of tuning forks to provide you with a beautiful layering effect on the marma.  I hope you take advantage of this “blissful” art form and schedule an appointment with me in the fall.


As we move into Vata season, which is associated with the ether (spacious) and air (moving) qualities, you may be feeling a little more restless in your body and mind. 

Your foot may tap while sitting or your mind may be holding too many thoughts making it difficult to concentrate and sleep, causing anxiety. Some natural but powerful ways to ground Vata in the body and mind is to simply sit still for 5-10 minutes—no talking, no phone.  It doesn’t matter where you are because there are grounding instruments all around us in a large stone, a bench, a chair and even the floor. 

Sit down, take a deep breath into the belly and just be still. The moving qualities of Vata will slow down and calm the mind and body.  Your thoughts, emotions and physical state will re-focus and you will be able to move through the day gracefully, flexibly and with happiness.


“Like increases like and opposites balance” according to Ayurvedic principles.  So, if you are cold and you eat ice cream you’ll become colder inside and if you are hot and eat a jalapeño pepper, you’ll become hotter inside. 

So how does this apply to digestion and health?  Being too cold inside lowers our agni or digestive power and being too hot inside makes our digestive power to high.  Think about this in terms of a fire cooking a kettle of food.  If the flame below is too low, the food will not be cooked and if the flame is too high, the food will over cook or burn.  This is what happens with digestion of our food and so Ayurvedic practices always aim to have our digestive flame just right so our food is digested appropriately.  So, as we move into October where the weather is cold, think warm, cooked and spiced foods like butternut squash soup seasoned with ginger or black pepper or cinnamon spiced baked apples with walnuts. Nature already knows what we need if you just look around and eat what’s in season. 


In Ayurvedic practice, the goal is to balance the doshas through diet, lifestyle and herbs so the body,  mind and spirit achieve a state of harmony and good health.  For some individuals, this may not result in a state of balance because the dosha may be trapped in the body (khavaigunya) or there may be  stagnation in the body that Ayurveda refers to as “sanga”.  Marma therapy, through light touch and vibration of specific energy points in the body, can help release trapped doshas or unblock channels to  increase energy flow bringing vitality back to the mind, body and spirit. 

I have expanded my Ayurvedic practice and now offer marma treatments.  Make an appointment through Ease and feel for yourself 
how marma therapy can help you during this holiday season.


Everywhere I turn, it seems like a new storage facility is constructed. Why the need for so much storage nowadays?  Is it because people are more transient and need to store their items while moving from one home or business to the next?  Or is it due to having too much “stuff” and too little space?  Society is more mobile and consumables are right at our fingertips with a press of the “Send” button. 

From an Ayurvedic perspective, too much movement (Vata) or too much accumulation (Kapha) can lead to imbalances in our body, mind and spirit. Spending more time in stillness can quiet the nervous system and mind. Ask yourself what is giving you energy and joy and what is bringing you down?  For proper balance, our inner homes need to match our outer homes.  Release what you do not need—old thoughts, old toys, lamps, jewelry, furniture, or clothes.  Give yourself a gift today and lighten up your storage bins.  The joy and lightness will be felt inside and out.

I wish for all of you a blessed holiday season!

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