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Dinacharya: Tongue Scraping

Have any of you been told to "Take your pills every day at the same time?" or "Make sure to have a regular mealtime or bedtime? In Ayurveda, having a regular routine or "dinacharya" is important and helps to create stability in the body.
One aspect of dinacharya is the morning routine, which begins with eliminating the wastes from the body through urination, defecation and blowing of the nose. This should be followed by good oral hygiene which should consist of scraping the tongue, brushing the teeth and performing an oral swish using an herb infused oil that promotes good oral health (I will discuss this in the next newsletter). For now, I would like to focus on tongue scraping because some of you have inquired about it at Ease. Tongue scraping is used in Ayurveda for many reasons other than the obvious to prevent bad breath by ridding the tongue of unwanted bacterial waste. Tongue scraping is also used to rid the body of excess Kapha dosha which could make one feel congested, heavy in both mind and body. Tongue scraping is also used to stimulate the bowels to help one eliminate their wastes in a timely manner. In my practice, I regularly introduce tongue scraping for all of the aforementioned reasons but also to teach my clients the importance of meeting your body's needs at the beginning of the day. For example, a white residue that comes off the tongue could indicate excess kapha while a yellowish color could indicate excess pitta while a grayish/brownish color could indicate excess vata. One could use this information to balance the dosha in excess through diet and lifestyle for that day. Ease will now be providing tongue scrapers for purchase. Please come in for a consultation and learn more about how to achieve your health goals through diet and lifestyle.
 Blessings, Dr. Paula

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