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Ayurveda and Food 

Holiday Blessings to Everyone of All Faiths!
I wanted to write about the importance of food and how Ayurveda uses food to heal the body and maintain good health.  In Ayurveda, we pay close attention to the types of foods we eat daily, seasonally and during one’s current stage of life to counterbalance any disturbances in the body.  Because it is the winter season and the qualities are drying and cold, it is important to nourish the body and mind with warming and heavier foods like root vegetables. 
As a gift to all of you, I am providing a delicious and nutritious recipe to enjoy during the winter months called “Orange Soup”.  
In a large pot, combine 32oz of chicken broth (salted to taste), ¼ tsp black pepper, one sweet potato (peeled and quartered), half of a white onion (quartered), two carrots (peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces) and one inch of fresh ginger (peeled and diced).  With lid on pot, simmer on low-medium heat for about one hour or until all vegetables are soft.  Blend the contents into a thick soup using a blender or blending wand.  Salt to taste. 
Pay attention to the qualities of the soup and how your body responds to it. 
Enjoy!  Dr. Paula



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