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Performing Your Own Abhyanga

As we move into the fall season, the colors of this season are absolutely breathtaking!  Even though our eyes see brilliant colors, other parts of our body may be experiencing the other qualities of fall; dryness, turbulence through the howling winds, and coldness. Because each of us is unique, some of us may experience more anxiety or sleepless nights in the fall, drying of the skin or cold feeling to the body, or absentmindedness.  This is common at this time of year. 
Ayurveda pays a lot of attention to the fall and winter seasons and has many remedies to help us move through and enjoy these seasons with excellent health.  One way Ayurveda helps us to keep the body and mind healthy during the fall and winter seasons is to massage the body daily with warm sesame oil called abhyanga.  Not only is this used in Ayurveda to keep the skin and body moisturized, it is a way to nourish and strengthen the nervous system to reduce anxiety. With abhyanga, the body is massaged for about 10-20 minutes with warm sesame oil BEFORE stepping into the shower-opposite of what we do in our society.  When stepping into a warm shower or dry sauna, it is imperative to steam the body for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow for the oil to penetrate deeply into your tissues.  Afterwards, the body is rinsed with water-no soaping-and the body is gently dried with a towel with a light dabbing motion.  The intention is to keep the remaining oil on the body to allow for the sesame oil to produce its nourishing and warming effects in the body without damaging your clothing.  Ease now offers organic cold pressed sesame oil infused with herbs by Banyan Botanicals for purchase.  

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