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Bramacharya (Energy Conservation)

The autumn equinox on September 22nd signaled the beginning of fall, which is the time of year when our days shorten, the air chills and we move into a more contemplative and reflective time of year.  As our plants draw energy down into their roots and animals begin to store fat and hibernate, humans, too, need to slow down to conserve precious energy, especially during fall and winter. Energy conservation or “bramacharya” is so important that it is one of the pillars of Ayurveda and one of the Yamas in yoga.  Energy conservation is not easy to do in our fast-paced world. To help you, I offer you to drink a warm cup of tulsi tea in the morning or at night on a daily basis to maintain balance in your body and mind during this beautiful and colorful time of year!
Blessings, Dr. Paula



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