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Laws of Attraction

“Like increases like and opposites balance” according to Ayurvedic principles.  So, if you are cold and you eat ice cream you’ll become colder inside and if you are hot and eat a jalapeño pepper, you’ll become hotter inside. 

So how does this apply to digestion and health?  Being too cold inside lowers our agni or digestive power and being too hot inside makes our digestive power to high.  Think about this in terms of a fire cooking a kettle of food.  If the flame below is too low, the food will not be cooked and if the flame is too high, the food will over cook or burn.  This is what happens with digestion of our food and so Ayurvedic practices always aim to have our digestive flame just right so our food is digested appropriately.  So, as we move into October where the weather is cold, think warm, cooked and spiced foods like butternut squash soup seasoned with ginger or black pepper or cinnamon spiced baked apples with walnuts. Nature already knows what we need if you just look around and eat what’s in season. 


Happy October!

Dr. Paula



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