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Vata Season

As we move into Vata season, which is associated with the ether (spacious) and air (moving) qualities, you may be feeling a little more restless in your body and mind. 

Your foot may tap while sitting or your mind may be holding too many thoughts making it difficult to concentrate and sleep, causing anxiety. Some natural but powerful ways to ground Vata in the body and mind is to simply sit still for 5-10 minutes—no talking, no phone.  It doesn’t matter where you are because there are grounding instruments all around us in a large stone, a bench, a chair and even the floor. 

Sit down, take a deep breath into the belly and just be still. The moving qualities of Vata will slow down and calm the mind and body.  Your thoughts, emotions and physical state will re-focus and you will be able to move through the day gracefully, flexibly and with happiness.

Blessings, Dr. Paula



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