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 Massage & Facial Series Discounts


Massage Therapy Techniques


Swedish (30/60/90 minutes) ~ $50/$80/$105

This soothing massage is designed to relieve stress, improve circulation, and promote deep relaxation. 


Deep Tissue (30/60/90 minutes) ~ $60/$90/$115

This therapeutic massage is designed to release tension and pain by realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Most popular massage. 


Hot Stone (60/90 minutes) ~ $95/$115

Heated basalt stones are used in conjunction with the therapist's hands to facilitate deep relaxation, tension relief, and joint flexibility. 


Myofascial (60/90 minutes) ~ $95/$120

Deep sustained pressure and movements release restrictions in the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles and other structures throughout the body) to improve posture, release pain and tension, and increase range of motion. 


Prenatal (60 minutes) ~ $85 

This massage will relieve stress and release muscular tension using gentle strokes and light stretching. (Available throughout 2nd and 3rd trimester with physician’s written consent.) 


Cupping (15/30 minutes) ~ $25/$50

Heal the body with this ancient technique that uses cups to increase circulation and improve lymph drainage to decrease inflammation, eliminate toxins, and decrease pain. *First time cupping 15 minutes recommended. 

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If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not cancel within 24 hours you will be charged 50% of the service price. Thank you. 


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